The act of pacing back and forth redundantly, repeating an action incessantly while flailing ones hands and arms, feet and legs with an exaggerated flamboyance. The act of scuttling occurs particularly when one is over-stimulated, sleep deprived and hyper and cannot sit still or focus on one activity for any extended period of time. When one scuttles, one is often fixated on accomplishing a meaningless task devoid of purpose but is distracted from the task at hand, so one scuttles back and forth furiously until one remembers the task at hand. Often occurs when one is scattered. Scuttling is common in confused, homosexual men who rely on their mothers guidance excessively and cannot function without their mothers helping hand. When the males mother is absent, the male becomes misguided and confused and resorts to scuttling to relieve his separation anxiety.
Every 32 days Scrolly's amphetamine prescription is renewed, so he stays up for days on end and scuttles back and forth between playing solitaire on the computer and reading his book on the lounge until his mother Katrina returns home to soothe him into slumber.
by cyanidexoxox October 22, 2013
The art of 'poking' a bird.

See sweet love
Alright lads, I scuttled that fat beeatch Leanne last night, she stank.
by Dave Henderson April 14, 2003
one of my favourite words for inter-fucking-coarse its so fucking good i would put my fucking name on that shit
i was scuttling her in the arse yesturday
hey dipshit thats called a ''back scuttle'' you dick for brains
oh fuck i was back scuttlin her then
by Jackroll March 31, 2006
A mating dance that resembles the walk of a crab usually preformed by young venezuelan imigrant males while on vacation in a heavily female populated resort.
Ian often would scuttle over to where all the fine lookin ladies were.
by Big J W September 19, 2007
To empty the contents of a cup upon your head during a boat race. In most circumstances, an illegal maneuver.
Don't scuttle because you'll smell like beer for the rest of the night.
by thetruthlives February 27, 2008
The smooth, not so subtle slide between people blocking your way to what you want. for example your beer, that hot looking bitch, ect.
Hey man, lets scuttle and see if we cant hit that.
by Bubba J September 19, 2007