-Noun- Any one of the five digits on the human hand.

-Verb- To report someone caught in an illicit, illegal or immoral act.
Sir Richard Head fell from grace after being fingered by the morality cops with the middle digit of his left hand up the arse of a commoner
by CunningLinguist January 25, 2005
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"three fingers" (3 fingers) :

Term used to describe the action of pressing the ALT-CTRL-DEL keys, all at same time, on a computer keyboard, in order to get to the screen where you can shutdown programs that stop responding.
PC Novice: "How do i terminate this program?"
Tech Support Guy: "Do a '3 fingers', select it from the list, and click "end""
by slickrick November 26, 2003
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(1)to search franticly through a tight space for a certain object of worth.

(2)the process of touching your bunghole to feel if it's clean, often performed by blind people
"I fingered through this girl's vagina in persuit of my favorite pencil."

"I'm so tired of fingering, they should make it eisier to find the toilet paper when your eyes don't work with brail everywhere so my finger doesn't get so pootie."
by Alex Lee March 02, 2005
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Digit on hand that can be inserted into vagina for exploration and pleasure. Included in heavy petting. Now out of fashion.
OMG he fingered me! I didn't think people did that shit any more. It was nice though.
by mister green April 20, 2008
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the act of chugging a girl meaning to rub her lovebucket until it reaches orgasm (climaxes)
fucking hell iam in to fingering ladys
really when did you fucking last finger one
in the 20's
hahahahaha who had thought you were a shithead bahahaha
when the fuck did you last finger a woman
you wan....wait thats good
yeah eat that suck my goolies will ya
by Jackroll March 31, 2006
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Becky:I love to finger myself because I don't have to spend lots of money on a fancy rubber dong .
by Jackson Pollok the 17th June 07, 2016
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wen a lad shuvs his fingas (all 5)up ur cunt
yo yo do u mind if i shuv ma fingers up ur pussy

alryt den but av u cut ur nails
by dr pepperrrrrrr June 09, 2006
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