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Where everyone knows your name....and your business. This small campus provides a taste of everything. You got the preps, the hicks, the potheads, and gangstas (aka the lax team the rugby team the baseball team and the basketball team) in that order. Now of course you find the ever so dominate group on a catholic campus "God-squad" who going to church everyday is like breathing. The Mount is a beautiful campus and does provide an excellent education among other things.
rides around the mountain
by Susie April 11, 2005
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when a guy sticks his fingers in a girls coochy then he touches and plays with her g-spot.
man! .. last night my boyfriend fingered me so hard, that my legs went numb!
by Susie June 24, 2003
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When someone puts a message on their instant messenger signifying the fact that they can't talk at that moment.
When Jane had to leave the computer, she put up an away message.
by Susie February 19, 2005
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The best candy in the whole wide world that makes your mouth feel all sizzly inside; very addictive cinnamon flavored candy; yummy; freakin awesome.
I want my Hot Tamales.
by Susie January 2, 2005
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Dirty, untended and untidy looking.
He looked very scruffy; his hair was messy, he hadn't shaved his beard and he had worn the same clothes for ages.
by Susie January 20, 2004
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yay yay yay!! bert makes me happy my sisters and friends dont understand its not about looks (or even heigene<bad spelling) its somthing i cant explain
and his eyes are amazing
by Susie August 17, 2003
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the air conditioned room in between the male and female wings of the university of maryland high rise dormitories. antonym: lobby
automessage from studybird: studying stat in the lounge
by Susie November 21, 2003
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