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See the thing about me. I'm always finessin' my craft. Finesse hard to Flex harder
by Queen Goonie October 16, 2013
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luxuriously comfortable and feeling good "luxuriously chilling"
Aye homie look at CHRI$ he finessin wit that extendo blunt Jaming out in his luxurious foreign car.
by CHRI$ THE FINNE$$T KID November 30, 2016
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Pulling one over someone, fucking with a girl just for her pussy, getting a steal deal on your sneaker/weed plug
Dwayne: yo that girl acutely think I like her but to get that pussy and dip
Tyrone: ha my boy out here finessin'
by King__Trill May 10, 2016
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I finessed some germ-x from Walgreens.
"You talking about finessin' some makeup?"
by broke bitch July 17, 2016
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To talk someone out of something. Make it seem like it's what THEY wanted. To manipulate & deceive for own personal gain.
Female: Ha i just played this dude that think he a pussy finesser
Girl: Omg girl watchu do?
Female: Tricked him into sexting me then sent the screenshots to his girl that's pregnant.
Girl: Damn treated!!
Female: Finessin his tears baby girl!! Child support for the next 18 years lmao. Trick ain't get no pussy from me hannnnn
by PlayaretteBabyGirl January 04, 2018
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