Contraction for "what you." Alternative spelling: whatchu.

See also: watchu wearin'?, whatchu wearin'?
by Mitcho December 24, 2003
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-hey justin.....yo!watchu sayinn gurl!
by styne February 22, 2003
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1. Shit is going down, you are gonna fight

2. Typical call outs that people of Hawai use when things get heated

3. The first thing said at graduation patehs when da peoples is suckin up the green bottles kinda too much...but eh no such ting as too much
Unko Boi: "watchu faka!"

Steve: who me?

Unko Boi: Yeah you! Why you was giving me dat eye foa?

Steve: oh sorry sorry.

Unko Boi: You lucky i neva lick you! Bettah watchit!
by AinaOMolokai March 5, 2018
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yooooo! watchu saying! can't you see.. its my ass!!!

sporty gyal!!! wanna duel?
by Hawk October 19, 2003
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1) An idiomatic question, meaning "What's going on?" or "What are you doing?"
2) A casual greeting, synonymous to "what's up?"
3) A phrase commonly used for seduction--a pick up line. Note alternative intonation. Usually ineffective.

The natural, most common response is "not much," due to the question's pragmatic similarty to "what's up?" A serious response, i.e. describing your current attire, may place you in a social out-group, and is generally not cool. May be considered a bit sketchy and is prone to misinterpretation when used online. Originally a contraction of "What you wearing?"

See also: watchu
Mitcho: Hey, Noah, whatchu wearin'?
Noah: Not much.
Mitcho: Really?
Noah: Yes, really.
by Mitcho December 24, 2003
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What are you talking about?
DMX says: "ARh Woof Woof,"
Snoop says: "Watchu Ton-bah?"

by seano4 August 30, 2006
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yoo!!! watchu saying, this is ur ass.. cant
by Air Falcon October 19, 2003
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