It means to rob or steal. So watch your shit around someone who finesses. That is their life(their life, their life).
We have a lot of finessers in the hood.
by 500V October 12, 2013
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1: (General Use) Meaning to steal from someone or to scam them.

2: (Gaming) To outplay someone.
Person 1: "Yo, how much you pay for this bag? Ain't nothin' in here but grass, fam."

Finessed Person: "Nigga what?"

Person 1: "Bruh, you got finessed."
by 3i5 December 15, 2016
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Getting something taken from you in a slick way
When your teacher collects money for a pizza party and doesn't show up the next day, that would mean you got finessed.
by hahah zz November 22, 2016
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Getting your way in life, sometimes through cheating. Hustling.
I just finessed my way through that exam!
by andover.massachusets February 12, 2019
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1. The unique ability to manuever seemlessly around people or objects in a smooth manner.
2. An art of persuasion or trickery in which an individual is able to get something they want with the cunning prowess of an illusionist or wizard.
3. Something done with ease as if second nature; easily transitioning to something else
1. *Stephen Curry does a crosses over defender and lays up ball*

Me: OOOoooo he had some finesse with that crossover!
2. *Car salesman successfully sales friend a car with high interest rate.*

Me: Damn bruh, how you let him finesse you like that?
3. *Assignment due tomorrow, finished the night before and started playing PS4.

Me: Damn did that shit with finesse!
by Finesse_Gang_Member January 29, 2015
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A term used to describe the action of "playing" someone.
That bih caught me in the act I was straight finessing her
by kinchmaster October 24, 2017
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Street word meaning to make a profit off of someone by fooling them to buy something that is low quality or not real. This can be a good thing if your the finesser.
Man that nigga @cbjo_o finessed me with these fake ass jordans
by cbj11 January 1, 2014
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