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usually when a girl says she is fine she isn't!
guy: are you okay
Girl: im ok
Guy: no your not
Girl: im fine
by Coheedable January 11, 2010
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in girls terms it means: No im not fine dumbass! Find out whats wrong or your ass is sleeping on the couch!
Boy: But honey these flowers were especially picked for you on our aniversery.

Girl: They're dandelions....

Boy: I could go out and buy you some real ones... im sorry

Girl: no its Fine.
by XxCrAsHxX09 June 19, 2009
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Literally means, she's mad at you, and now you have to guess why.
Me: Are you mad at me?
Her: ...
Me: Is everything alright?
Her: Yeah. I'm fine.
by Mr1337 December 11, 2005
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1. A female that is attractive in every way

2. Someone who is feeling good about them selves

3. Someone who is feeling shit about them selves

4. Something good

5. Something you sometimes get from the police when you do something illegal, when in fact, it's not fine at all (except for the government)
1. Damn she fine!

2. Dude: How are ya?
Girl: I'm fine

3. Dude: How are ya?
Girl: I'm fine

4. That's fine!

5. Damn I just go a fine from the pigs for urinating in public
by CA3B20A3G September 18, 2007
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to describe a person dat is very appealing.
damn he is fine as shit. i definetly want a piece of dat ass. mmmm
by rita December 23, 2003
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The price you must pay when you are drunk and disorderly.
Judge: For being drunk and disorderly I order you to pay a $75 fine.
by Danny February 11, 2004
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People use fine when there actually not and they are hurting inside but they don't want to say anything
by Merwin Orsi May 24, 2018
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