in girls terms it means: No im not fine dumbass! Find out whats wrong or your ass is sleeping on the couch!
Boy: But honey these flowers were especially picked for you on our aniversery.

Girl: They're dandelions....

Boy: I could go out and buy you some real ones... im sorry

Girl: no its Fine.
by XxCrAsHxX09 June 18, 2009
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1. used to describe someone who is sexy or attractive.
2. (male definition): Okay, alright, not bad
3. (female definition): pissed off, angry, emotional
Dang, she's fine!

Guy:Are you feeling okay honey? You don't look very happy today. Did something happen?

Girl: No.. I'm fine. *breaks a vase*
by silvereyez July 05, 2012
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1. A female that is attractive in every way

2. Someone who is feeling good about them selves

3. Someone who is feeling shit about them selves

4. Something good

5. Something you sometimes get from the police when you do something illegal, when in fact, it's not fine at all (except for the government)
1. Damn she fine!

2. Dude: How are ya?
Girl: I'm fine

3. Dude: How are ya?
Girl: I'm fine

4. That's fine!

5. Damn I just go a fine from the pigs for urinating in public
by CA3B20A3G September 17, 2007
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A very good looking girl. Often a good looking hot girl will be referred to as 'fine'. This can be taken as a complement although some girls take if offencively, as if the men are being objective towards them.
'Damnnn, that girl is FINE!'
by Spoonizzle April 25, 2007
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Not fine.

Unfortunately most people, boys in particular, are oblivious to this meaning.
Guy: Hey
Girl: Hi
Guy: So.. how are you?
Girl: ... fine.
Guy: Thats good!
Girl: ...
by moomoo8 May 01, 2010
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Looking good in every kind of way
Damn that girl fine!
by D#!!!80!!! November 07, 2008
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A girl that is extreamly beatuitful, hot, pretty, or any combonation of them.
1. Nicole Is extreamly fine. ;)
2. Jessica alba is one fine milf.
3. That chick in your science class you wanna bang is fine.
by Justin ; ) August 08, 2007
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