when you take a crap and realize you craped blood
dude i just took a wicked number 5
by guywhohighfives May 5, 2011
Receiving fellatio while you are in the process of clearing your bowels.
Damn Blimmer, your sister is dirty. She gave a number 5 to Lazarus and all his boys!
by Phineas Taylor Barracus December 20, 2004
-jack off.

Guy 1: Open the door!
Guy 2: Hell no! don't coming in!
Guy 1: Why?
Guy 2: Im doing number 5! stupidass
by hahayoyo October 11, 2009
To Masturbate. Number 1 being to piss. Number 2 being to shit, and Number 5, because you have 5 fingers.
Stop calling me, I'm taking a Number 5.
by Eric December 4, 2003
To masturbate whilst having your fingers up your anal passage.
I just came back from doing a Number 5!" "I don't think we should be friends...
by Fentna04 June 9, 2010
An extreme tool; coined at Williams Grove Speedway, August 19, 2008, because of the #5 outlaw race car sponsored by "Extreme Tools."
He follows her around like a lost puppy; he's such a "Number 5 ".
by Moira & Cara December 18, 2008
Behavior in which one juggles many girls seeming at one time, but really in quick succession.
If you don't watch it, your Mambo Number 5 life may come down like a house of cards.
by Luddz May 7, 2015