Someone who is the first to get napkins to clean up the mess that someone made. This person is usually female, but there are some men out there who are "a mom". They always have the extra snacks, gives great advice, tells people to stop fighting, they get fascinated by the weirdest of things, they are usually super weird and embarrasing too, and they are always proud when you do the right thing. you can be "the mom" at any age . When your a mom you also call everyone sweetie, honey, hun, etc. you will always have a "mom" in any friend group, and you should appreciate them a lot more.
" oh emma is such a mom!''
"thanks MOM"
" daddyyy! I mean mom... 'EXACTLY im ur mom not ur daddy.'''
"hey mom can you get me a forkkk!!!!"
"the mom" - someone you can count on for anything
by emmabear926 February 9, 2018
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A godly level roast that will leave the person dead.
Jimmy: I was eating your mom!
Bob: Well I was eating your mom’s mom!
Jimmy: Well I ate your mom, your mom’s mom, and your mom’s mom’s mom!
Bob: Your mom’s mom’s mom’s mom.
Jimmy: *freaking disintegrates*
by MofG October 8, 2018
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Someone who can make your missing things appear
Me: Mom! Where’s my phone?
Mom: I don’t know, have you checked the kitchen table?
Me: Of course I did!
*mom walks into the kitchen and comes out with a phone*
Mom: Then what’s this?
by AsianKyrie October 9, 2019
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Betting something to be so true that you would put your mom on the line to prove.
On moms, I saw her cheating with that guy from central.

On moms, though?
by YingYangWaves November 4, 2016
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The one person who knows where all of your stuff is.
-Hey, where's my sweater?
--I don't know, go ask mom.
by galika1080 November 25, 2013
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A woman that does a lot for her family, works everyday with a monthly day off (sometimes), takes care of her children, even takes care of her husband. She will do anything for her family, she will even word 2 maybe 3 or more jobs if she has to. She even usually buys you things that you want even if you don’t deserve or need them. Her love is unconditional even when she is mad at you she still loves you and you should never forget that. Never take your mother for granted because one day she’s gonna be gone and your never going to know when. It could be tomorrow, in a couple of days, in a couple of weeks, years, it could even be today. The point is your mother loves you and you should love and appreciate her to because she could be gone any day. She might already be gonna and I am sorry if that is the case but just know she is still with you in your heart and memories and she is watching you from heaven and she still loves you even if she is or isn’t here. So please if your reading this it will only take a couple of minutes to stop what your doing and go tell your mom that you love her, text her, or call her and tell her.
by wAtErMeLoN :) January 25, 2019
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A crazy loon who loves you so much, yet she she drives you insane! She cares for you, but embarrases you in front of all your friends and makes you want to scream and cry. She is someone you want to throw out the window ever so often, but is someone you truly can't live without.

Me: Ok, I'm sorry...

Me: *Breathes*

by K6 November 19, 2013
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