A very good looking girl. Often a good looking hot girl will be referred to as 'fine'. This can be taken as a complement although some girls take if offencively, as if the men are being objective towards them.
'Damnnn, that girl is FINE!'
by Spoonizzle April 25, 2007
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Fuck off and die
used when a girl wants to end a conversation. she doesn't want to talk to you anymore and is annoyed.
boy: crap crap crap lie lie lie
girl: fine!
by cute girl March 30, 2005
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The highest possible complement to someone's physical appearance. On a scale of attractiveness, starting at 'hideous', 'fine' is here:
hideous - ugly - plain- decent- average -alright - pretty- beautiful -geourgous - hot - damn hot - really hot - rediculously hot - fine
The guy we just walked by was so fine that my knees buckled and I felt dizzy and my belief in God was renewed and I was so wet I quivered and the shape of his jaw will haunt me forever.
by Camiro May 31, 2005
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A girl that is extreamly beatuitful, hot, pretty, or any combonation of them.
1. Nicole Is extreamly fine. ;)
2. Jessica alba is one fine milf.
3. That chick in your science class you wanna bang is fine.
by Justin ; ) August 9, 2007
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Like many other phrases and words a woman uses, fine does not mean fine. Fine means "go fuck yourself". It is usually used to signal the end of an argument. Fine can also be associated in come cases with we need to talk
Ben: "but i didn't screw her"
Josie: "Fine"

(next day)

Josie: Ben , we need to talk
by David February 16, 2004
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