The specific language used by a female when explaining any promiscuous behavior to her signifigant other
On Jamcruise I 2004, @ 5am a young man stated to his 'girlfriend' "Excuse me, I don't speak filthy whore" and walked away while she assumed a shocked expression. Upon request for further info on the situation, the young woman said "I have no idea!" Yeah...Right
by IC February 29, 2004
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1. A raunchy skank of a cumdump (m) or (f) who whores out every possible bodily orifice for a ridiculous amount of vociferous and usually heinous eye-popping fucking. Having ones mouth, vagina, anus, ears, glass eye. nose, armpits and quite possibly feet slathered with loads of milky funky spunk. Usually consisting of but not limited to: vagrants precious bodily fluids, the football teams cream squirts, a visit by the clergy and or a facial and cumbath by a wispy group of hair dressers all named Philip. These unbridled sperm receptacles are usually chock full o' various unchecked/untreated STDs.

2. The name of the swell fishing boat in the movie "Cabin Boy".
That skank of a Filthy Whore Babs enjoyed having all fifteen of those sweaty, flea-bitten, smelly, drunk and angry winos fill her raw with their juices and pus filled syphillitic dicks every Wednesday while inside the garbage dumpsters behind Wal-mart.
by Alfonso T. Watt May 8, 2010
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1. One who has had sex with over 15 guys by the age of 18.
2. A foul, bestial creature whose STD's are so contagious that they have been known to possess airborne-like qualities.
3. One who feels as if having sex and/or participating in sex-related activities are the only keys to happiness.
Wow, that Mandy sure is a filthy whore.
by veryangrychild123 March 23, 2011
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A whore who is filthy in a number of ways.

1) They have bad hygiene.
2) They're a beast in the bedroom.
3) They've slept with EVERYONE!
Eurgh! Megan is such a Filthy Whore!
by Aliceykins April 2, 2011
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