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Fucking hilarious cartoon.
Rocko is a wallaby from Australia. His best friends are Heffer and Filburt and his dog Spunky. Rocko lives in
O-Town and he lives next to Mr And Mrs Bighead. Mr Bighead hates Rocko but Mrs Bighead had a crush on him. Rocko works at Kind-Of-A-Lot-O Comics with his smoldering old toad boss, Mr Smitty.
"heh-heh oh my" "Spunky! Pew! Bad dog!" "Oh yeah, well you're just a smoldering old toad!" "Heffer!!!"
Rocko rules!!!
by Corb August 29, 2004
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A hilarious cartoon that for some gay ass reason got canceled. But it was one of the funniest ever.
Rocko's Modern Life didn't "pwned" or "owned" you fucking douche bag it ruled.
by Corb August 29, 2004
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The most over-rated band EVER. Very, very annoying sounding and boring. Even The Sex Pistols had more talent than these guys.
Ramones fan: Gabba Gabba hey!
Other kid: Fuck you. Ramones suck!
Ramones fan: Waa! (crying)
by Corb March 14, 2005
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Heterosexual= H-e-t-e-r-o-s-e-x-u-a-l not H-e-d-e-r-a-s-e-x-u-a-l
by Corb March 16, 2005
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The fat steer on Rocko's Modern Life. He is a mama's boy most of the time and he is almost always hungry considering he weighs about 600 pounds.
"Hey Rocko, you got any leftovers?"
by Corb August 29, 2004
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An over-used term signifying pot or potheads.
420 is behind 69 in being the most over-used number.
by Corb March 16, 2005
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