Female Filipina. Filipinos\Filipinas are a good race to mix with other races to make beautiful\pretty kids.
person1:Hey, do you know what Cassie is?
person2:Yeah, she's black and filipina.

person1:What about Nicole Scheringer?
person2:Oh, she's russian, hawaiian, and filipina.

person1:Ever heard of Jeri Lee?
The import model?
person1:yeah, it's hard to tell what she is, do you know what she is?
person2:Mexican and filipina
by Jazieny October 14, 2006
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A person who comes from the philippines.They are quite different from other asians like chinese,vietnamese,japanese,korean etc etc....... they are more bustier,sexier,darker skin,they don't sound like them.A race who are very good to mix wiv other races to make choong kids. Race who treats their partner like a king!!! They are not mean people they are very friendly. They are smart and usually have strict parents and they usually eat rice. No one is full filipino they might call them full maybe becoz they're parents are both filipino but no one is, they are all mixed race of chinese, spanish, indonesia,black.... usually have long hair....
boy 1:i wonder when i will hav a filipina girlfriend????

boy 2:if u ever hav one don't ler herrr go bro.... i was so stupid i let my ex filipina girlfriend go!!!

boy 1:i actually hav a huge crush on 1 in my skl

boy 2: well, get to kno demm more u ll like her more!!! And don't eva let dat filipina gal go.... they're beautiful!!!
by pwincess November 24, 2007
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Filipino women who would have GREAT-LOOKING kids when mixed with other races.

Very caring and loving women. Would always be there. Always thinks for the family. Women who would never leave their grandparents to the home-for-the-aged but would help them and feed them till their last breath.
She's gorgeous because her mom is a Filipina.
by Pilipina December 18, 2010
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A female from the country Philippines. Usually abroad in the U.S. to work as registered nurses. Often stereotyped as tropy wives/maids to their husbands, usually old (50+)and usually caucasian who ordered them online because they are just that pathetic.
For examples of beautiful filipina women look up:
Ruffa Gutierrez, Kristine Hermosa, Aubrey Miles, Angel Locsin, Bea Alonzo, Ann Curtis, Angelika Panganiban, Heart Evangelista, Angelika dela Cruz, to name a few.
by maria mariana August 27, 2007
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Filipinas are not mixed. Genetic studies said that 99% of Filipinos are fully Asian. We do not owe our beauty to Spanish people or mixing. That is a myth that Filipinos are mixed with Spanish. We have Spanish last names because they forced us to adopt Spanish last names. They arent, Filipinos get 0% Spanish blood when they do DNA tests.
Filipinas: Yes Im filipina but Im half spanish too. My great grandfather is 100% Spanish and my last name is Garcia. Us Filipinos are Latinos.
Ancestry.com: You are 98% Filipino and 2% Chinese!
Filipinas: What! Everyone in my family says were half Spanish!
by Totojuice September 10, 2019
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She's the one thing--and in fact, the only thing--that makes your hospital stay tolerable.
Duke: When I was in the hospital for three days after my surgery, I had this really cute Filipina nurse named Carmelita. Man, she is one fine pinay!

Luke: I'm jealous, dude. Last time I was in, all I had were a bunch of grouchy, ugly-ass Nurse Ratched types.
by whimzzical June 18, 2010
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