it is the right term 2 describe someone of who is a mixture of two race (also known as mixed or biracial). mixed race people are you usually thought of as half black & white, but there are all sorts of mixes out there. such as half white & asian, half white & hispanic, half black & asian or half black & whute european e.t.c.
mixed people do often go through a different experience than that of someone who is of one race, because they can get hate. but are just the same as everyone else. they are often attractive or seen as a taboo, because the world usually sees people in boxes such as black,asian or white.
there is no defenite way of how they look, but examples of mixed black & white celebs are:
halle berry, alicia keys, vin diesel, mariah carey, shemar moore, craig david, mel b, ice-t, lenny kravitz, faith evans, joe budden, charli baltimore e.t.c
then you have all sorts of other mixes such as keanu reeves is half white & asian & jessica alba is half white & mexican.
by anonymous October 20, 2004
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A person who is two or more races. For example, a person who has a black mom and white dad. That person is black and white, making him/her mixed race. Most mixed people, especially black/white ones are usually very attractive in which at times they are envied by other people because of it. Also, they are known to be excluded from both racial groups they come from and there are cases in which they are criticized by their own families. They're even looked as inferior to single-raced people. But at the end of the day, they have a right to be part of both/all the races they come from and they have a right to be respected and loved by both sides of the family. They are just the same as everyone else, the only difference is that they are two races in themselves.
Barack Obama, Drake, Tiger Woods, Amanda Marshall and Alicia Keys are all mixed race people.
by sirleibl1 February 20, 2011
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people of mixed descent (white-black, white-asian, ect.)
biracial people are almost never racists, (unless for some political reason, see malaysia) and are often good looking. they are unfortunately looked down upon by purely stupid people and are often subjected to unfair remarks regarding their physical appearance.
they have to undergo subtle (and sometimes not) stares from perfect strangers in public transportations.
examples of mixed people, see above.
by Easy February 7, 2005
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people who are truly and completely awesome.
mixed with two races.
caucasian+african american
african american+asian
etc, etc.
"dayummmmmm. them mixed race chicks is fineeeee"
by thatchickkk:) October 9, 2009
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1. any person who can not be classified as white, black, asian, hyspanic, etc as they tend to have at least 2 of the above races in their blood.

2. Most of the time well rounded people who show no signs of racism. they are often a bland contradiction to all racial stereotypes. they have the best of both (or as many as they belong to) worlds and tends to be very appreciative of the cultural richness around them.

However, they are sadly the victems of racist remarks. they are often outcasted from non-cosmopolitan societies. they take the pride of belonging to all the cultures they belong to and all the languages they speak. sadly, they also have to take all the crap racist idiots have to say about every single one of their races.

3. often icredibly smart and beautiful poeple who do most things they lay their hands on very well.

"You look interesting, are you mixed?"

"I have occupied myself!" a jewish palestinan kid.
"I had colonized myself" an English Indian kid.

"you know so many langueages and you are awesome at all you do, you have to be one of those mixed race people!"

"You stupid communist arab with a nargila" an insult directed at a person of Eastern European, Turkish and Arab decent.

by mystic fog August 6, 2006
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A person of mixed racial ancestry.

People usually think that mixed race people look better than people with a higher percentage of a blood ancestry or people who are full-blooded. THIS IS NOT TRUE! I can name so many ugly mixed race people that could scare the hairs off a fat woman's coochie! No matter what race you are, there is ugly and pretty in ALL RACES. Skin color doesn't make you prettier, you ignorant dumb asses. Is it the shape of your face and facial features that makes up how pretty you look. And European features, lighter skin and straighter hair is not the worldwide beauty standard. Beauty is skin deep.

Boy: Maris is so pretty.
Girl: She looks okay...she's just very mean.
Boy: But she's pretty! She got light green eyes, long brown hair and ivory skin. She's mixed with Black, Irish, Native American, Brazilian and Puerto-Rican! That equals the woman of my dreams.
Girl: But Maris is EVIL! She shot her mother and stabbed her just because she didn't let her got to the prom! Then she burnt the house down and her mother and infant sister died in the fire!
Boy: Who cares? Marisa is hot. Mixed race people are the best looking people.
Girl: You ignorant fuck. Got to hell.
by twistedbabydoll August 13, 2007
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a person of more than one race. there are biracialz(two diff. races, for those who dont know) and multiracialz(two, three or more diff races) u dont necesarily have to be half something & half something else to be of mixed race. you could be 25% white 15% native american and 65% black. that would make u multiracial because you are mixed with more than one race. o yea must i remind you not every mixed person is pretty! they have some average ones, and ugly ones.(yea i had to put dat in there, cuz some ignorant ppl dont know)
Man-Damn she look good
ignorant man-hell yea. she must be of mixed race

by Native Ameriwigga February 10, 2008
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