A mysterious and powerful woman, but with the right guy she'll turn into a sensual comforting person. Can be extremely sensitive at times but never let's her guard down. Puts smiles in everyone's faces but don't make her angry, it's like messing with the devil once she's mad. Very intelligent and knows what she wants but is very insecure of herself.
There goes Carmelita.
by Lydia Alvarez December 22, 2016
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This girl is the living embodiment of elegance she’s the perfect balance between intelligence and beauty. Carmelita will always be the most gorgeous girl in any room. She is kinda but can be quite the jokester, she has a lot of personality. She is expressive in the way that she dresses. She’s the perfect partner for just about anything, she is a great listener and you’ll always be comfortable talking to her. You’re an extremely lucky person if you have a carmelita as a friend. If you have her as more than a friend, you have to keep her as long as you can. She’s perfect in every way, you can never get enough of her company and her presence always elevates the mood. She’s someone special, someone, to keep and to cherish. Her company never will grow old, in fact, you’ll long for it. You will miss every aspect of her, her Carmel like skin, her dirt colored eyes, her pear-shaped head fits perfectly into your hand, her kisses never seem to lose the effect on you, whenever she kisses you it's like she transports you to another dimension where you aren't confined by things like time. You are timeless in that moment, you are infinite. carmelita is a keeper, so keep her, cherish her and let her know what she means to you. But overall other things, Carmelita is my Kylie.
Oh my God Kylie, you are my Carmelita”
by SomeOtherJimmy July 9, 2019
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A beautiful girl with a carmel skin complexion. Her skin looks like Carmel. Very edible.
Mira esa Carmelita!!!

Look at that carmel skinned girl!
by Elisa Altamira March 3, 2007
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Beautiful, but insecure. Can be boss ass but lacks determination. Lazy at times but puts effort on things that are important. A hopeless romantic and commits to relationships.
Is Carmelita still going out with that guy?
by Carmelita Daly July 3, 2014
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A beautiful usually of a caramel skin tone freaky but secretly smart really beautiful mysterious vixen...allot of hair like Moana.
"She's such a Carmelita''. "Wow look at Carmelita"!
by caramelpop January 7, 2018
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A beautiful girl with caramel completion and lots of curly hair usually long, looks allot like Moana and is often outspoken sarcastic and bold and mysterious.
wow you're such a Carmelita! All the boys love Carmelita.
by caramelpop January 27, 2018
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A slave who was forced into their role typically by older people
by Thmav August 28, 2018
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