The sexual act of receiving oral pleasure while taking a shit (blumkin) in a port-a-potty.
Dude, Jake totally got a filbert in that Johnny on the Spot outside Quick Shop last night." "Fucking pervs."
by TheCompound1341 July 10, 2011
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The slightly more humorous version of a cantankerous old grump who thinks that everything was better in "his" day. Sighting a Filbert is usually a rare event, witnessed briefly by only a few lucky individuals and forgotten just as quickly. A Filbert can bring light and joy to everyday situations before inevitably disappearing and plunging the world back into a steaming pile of turd.
"Hey bro did you see Filbert the other day? Life was briefly amazing and then it was shit again..."
by Filbert McGrumpy March 26, 2019
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Another word for:
Fish Fillet
Fillet’o Fish
Big fat bird
🎵Filbert the big fat bird🎶
by ass+ass+in=Assassin December 01, 2019
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While in the act of mutual masturbation, shoving shelled peanuts or peanut M&Ms into the anus of your partner until he or she climaxes thus shitting out all of the peanuts or M&Ms.
Bro, I've been cleaning my house all day because I met this girl at the bar last night and she gave me the best anal filbert of my life, there was shit everywhere.
by Sonny Bono December 27, 2005
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