means you can buy me things, put up with my bullshit, but you ain't getting laid.
Oh Steve, I just think of you as a friend, not someone I'd fuck or want to see naked.
by steve May 29, 2004
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The three words that let you know that your (near) intimate relationship has come to an end. Usually delivered from female to male, it is the defining phrase that lets the "dropped" individual finally know that it is OVER.
Donna told him gently, "Dave, you know that I have always been very fond of you; but, now, I want to continue our relationship as just a friend."
by Joe Neubarth March 29, 2005
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Used to "soften the blow" when you're about to be frank with someone about their lesser qualities, or when giving advice they might not want to hear.
"I'm telling you as a friend: If you're going on a date, you should take her out to to a restaurant, because your cooking really stinks."

"I'm telling you as a friend, you really shouldn't be drinking that much! I'm worried about you!"
by olpe June 5, 2004
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another way of saying that a person is not sexually attractive.
"I'm really flattered, but I only like you as a friend."
by Carlo May 26, 2004
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Used to draw the "no sex/physical intimacy" boundaries. Generally used for people who have an agreeable personality but no sex appeal. A nice way of saying "I could never get on you."
I know we've been dating a lot, but I just like you as a friend.
by Laura May 26, 2004
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Used by someone who opts out of offered intimacy when they don't fancy you.

"I'll go out for a drink with you but as a friend."
Should be countered with

"But couldn't I just shag you as a friend?"
by Smudger of B3ta June 1, 2004
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this is a phrase used by a girl/boy that you really like who doesn't want to hurt your feelings but does anyway by saying 'yeah i like a friend'.
by Winkin kitten May 30, 2004
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