Pop musician singer diva chick lady.

She writes pop songs, and "dresses punk," to the dismay of many people in the true punk scene (AKA elito-conformists).

Although many people call her a disgrace, you cannot "dress punk," because punk is a lifestyle and a decision, not a fashion; therefore, there is nothing wrong with her; I also don't believe she claimed to be punk, and if she did, who cares?!
SLC: I don't like Avril too much, she's kinda like every other pop diva chick.

Elitist: I hate Avril cuz she thinks she's punk

Teeny: I love Avril, look at how hardcore I am now

Normal person: Who cares.
by SLC September 16, 2005
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Someone who went with her own style and got labeled a poser. Funny how quick people who say they're against labels slap labels on people, huh? fscking hypocrites. Punk isn't about how you sing or dress, punk is about being yourself and not conforming yourself to the way other people want you to be. And as soon as somone comes along that actually doesn't conform to an expected singing style, all the self-proclaimed 'unconformists' slam her for what she likes. She didn't cause the downfall of anything, maybe she only exposed the hypocrits in the punk community. The Ramones did plenty of 60s pop songs, but come on! They were one of the best punk bands of the 20th century. You don't have to like her (I think her voice is... less than perfect) but if you're going to not like her, don't do it for a reason that's so popular, like the label of "poser." She didn't ruin punk, it's still a great form of music.
"OMG avril is a poser. :O ::turns on Good Charlotte::"
by Carrot May 7, 2004
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A small town girl who writes all her own songs, always sings live, can play guitar, piano and drums. She has a huge fanbase due to her succsess as a ROCK/POP artist, she is NOT punk!
Listen to My World on the Let Go cd or you could watch the dvd which also has a concert on it. She is also similar to Alannis Morrisete.
by erica February 28, 2005
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1. She's pretty.
2. Yes, she used to be full of shit, but she's changed. Everyone does.
3. She actually sings about experience instead of putting some words together with the typical useless shit most artists do.
4. She has some good opinions about bands. For example, Good Charlotte. THEY SUCK. Fully agreed.
by erika love. June 26, 2006
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a singer who is a disgrace to the punk community. Poser. Sell-out.
Avril is a posing wannabe pop singer who only did punk (or what she claims is punk) because she wouldn`t get signed unless she did.
by The Demented One January 2, 2004
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hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot
avril is hot and hot
by 2HotBlackWomen March 28, 2005
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a little rat-like, talentless, bipolar, Canadian girl who was told by lousy, money hungry music producers to simply be the image of the anti-britney and to therefore convert pop star fans into her genre and making "punk" fashionable and mainstream. ultimately, the female version of blink 182, which is pop-punk and is a disgrace to even be called music.

how an "Avril" can be distinguished: can not sing at all, rags on other teen girls, does not wash face, pretends she's rebellious, pretends she skateboards, wears neck ties and wifebeaters, pretends she gets a long better with guys better than girls, wears baggy pants and boxer underwear, goes psycho crazy on stage and needs to be sedated, pretends she knows what punk music really is.
i never knew a canadian can be so influential to this many impressionable americans...these are dark times in america.
by jane doe June 4, 2004
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