Someone who is easily tricked or manipulated (or rather, played) by others. Usually too nice for their own good. Derived from the phrase "playing someone like a fiddle"
That guy is such a fiddle, next thing you know everyone will be taking advantage of him.
by lightning_troubadour July 4, 2014
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to gently rub or play with: tickle
by adam February 16, 2005
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FIdldle- Noun- Someone who is pursuing someone in a romantic way and keeps getting led on and let down.
"man, she did it again."
"damn, bro! she playin you like a fiddle!"
by lilb00tyh0le January 6, 2019
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1. To cheat someone of money.
2. APpears in the UK sitcom "Blackadder" (series 3) as a rude word (when looking up the words "Fart, Fiddle, Fornicate" in Dr Johnson's first dictionary). Quite what 'fiddle' is intended to mean in this context is not clear.
John's on the fiddle.
I will fiddle the books.
by Ian Chode October 29, 2003
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You're the fucking idiot. fiddle=violin. It's more of a violin playing style than anything.
Every good violinist should try fiddle style.
by Homosex August 8, 2007
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Fuck. Often used as "fiddle on".
I think you're a son of a bitch!

Well fiddle on you!
by fiddler November 6, 2004
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