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to suck jizz from bodily orifice
Jack and Jill went up the hill and phelched all day long
by adam April 11, 2005
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to jizz in an orifice, then phelch it back out with a straw, hench the 'phelch' noise.

after phelching it out, the jizz is passed from mouth to mouth whilst kissing.
jonny and jill had a major phelching session in the woods on a sunny day
by adam April 11, 2005
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were gonna go do grilled cheese in the woods.
don't forget your plate.
by adam March 28, 2005
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1. Be Beaten Badly at something
2. Like "owned" or "pwned"

Past tense of the word "phillippown"
by adam March 11, 2005
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African American Slang for asking, bastardized to askin, bastardized to axin'.
Dude chill, I was just axin' you a question.
by adam July 15, 2004
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