it's a fiddle, Brit slang for fraud, a con.
bum hocks a fiddle. a week later rich dude offers pawnbroker $2k for it. Pawnbroker asks dude to return after bum comes to redeem the fiddle. Bum returns, pawnbroker offers $500, bum gets him up to $1k & splits. Dude never returns, pawnbroker has worthless fiddle, bum & dude party. Old English con job.
by Labadabbadoo April 12, 2008
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Someone who is easily tricked or manipulated (or rather, played) by others. Usually too nice for their own good. Derived from the phrase "playing someone like a fiddle"
That guy is such a fiddle, next thing you know everyone will be taking advantage of him.
by lightning_troubadour July 4, 2014
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A word similar triggered. Used to express outrage and anger.
Venom Snake: Kaz got so fiddled after Mother Base blew up.
Huey: Yeah that was pretty funny lol.
by McDonell Benedict Miller April 22, 2017
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Verb- To play with, used in conjunction with sexual pleasure and pleasing.
I fiddled your mother's privates. She moaned like a wilderbeast.
by Paul February 29, 2004
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You fucking idiots! A fiddle is a stringed instrument. Much like a violin.
Hey Mr MacIsaac, Quit diddlin that little kid and concentrate on your fiddle.
by Shane Mabee August 1, 2005
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Somewhere in Houston, TX
'My, what a nice violin you have there!'
'Viowhat? This here's a fiddle, ma'am.'
by Fruf August 22, 2007
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