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A hindered less efficient functionality.
The electrician installed the light switch incorrectly. Although the light still turned on, the switch didn't fully click in the upright position so therefore is quasi-retarded.

The throttle cable on the old ford doesn't fully retract causing the engine to idle at a higher RPM. It's quasi-retarded.

The billing system is quasi-retarded. It accepts debit cards initially, but not after you try a new debit card. Customer service insists they don't accept debit cards.
by Ontological June 24, 2018

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An offensive attack, characterized by the loose whipping motion of lengthy arms driven by an aggressive turning of the torso.
Little Johnny got blind sided by a ganglethon on the way home from school. The attackers arms moved so fast and so loosely he couldn't get a positive ID.

Turner kept picking on Joey. Joey couldn't take it anymore so he started to ganglethon. The whipping motion of Joeys finger tips smacked Turner right in the face.

Sarah tried to ganglethon without practicing and dislocated her shoulders.
by Ontological August 20, 2018

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The restriction of biological urges produced by doctrine or environmental influence.
The technological hypnosis produced sexual physiological urge restriction.

Amish didn't believe in sexual relations before marriage. Withholding sex was a form of physiological urge restriction.

The widespread consumption of pornography and sophistication of sex toys made people less interested in sex and marriage. It was a form of physiological urge restriction.
by Ontological June 25, 2018

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Only being able to remember particular fragments of memories or ideas from an earlier time where the context of such memories are no longer recoverable.
I had a really good idea last night, but can't seem to remember what it is. It must be a bad case of memory recollection fragmentation.

The guy has a really bad case of memory recollection fragmentation. It took all month to engineer the tissue to CPU membrane but forgot a critical step.

Old age produces memory recollection fragmentation. Most of our patients have trouble integrating life's memories into a coherent timeline.
by Ontological June 25, 2018

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A revolving interaction with a narcissist, where the narcissist insists the orbital path is constructed for the narcissist.
A polar intelligence matrix existed between Joe and Sally. When Sally realized Joe signed up for the same class she built a fictitious assumption paradigm about Joe. Every time Sally saw Joe at class she thought it was about her. She was a real orbital narcissist.

Little Johnny thought every women was required to fall in love with him. He got coffee everyday at the same time as Kelly. Since Little Johnny was an orbital narcissist he thought Kelly got coffee at the same time just to see him but she didn't
by Ontological June 26, 2018

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The rubbing of a dirty and specifically greasy hand over someones face.
Little Johnny had it coming. He got a really nasty Jibba-Jabba followed by a brutal ganglethon.

Turner got the worst Jibba-Jabba of his life. He had to clean his face three or four times to get the grease off.
by Ontological August 20, 2018

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Individuals or groups promoting conspiracy resulting in widespread recognition and participation thereof.
The media's conspiracy arsonists created so much fake news about the President that the President called the news fake.

The conspiracy arsonist exploited the polar intelligence matrix between two tribes resulting in traumatic fictitious assumption paradigms and societal trust degradation.

The conspiracy arsonist relied on butterfly deceptions.

Little Johnny got the whole class to pick on Sarah during recess because she didn't like him. He was a conspiracy arsonist.
by Ontological June 27, 2018

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