a challenge for the hardcore. it resembles destroy dick December where you nut more every day. Fibonacci February follows the pattern of fibonacci where on the first day you nut 1 time, the second day you nut 1 time again, the 3 day you nut 2 times, and following the pattern until the 28th day when you nut 317811 times
person a: "are you doing no nut november?"
person b: "nah man im prepping for destroy dick december"
person c: "your both wussies. im waiting for fibonacci february"
by constantnut123 November 4, 2018
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The next level version of destroy dick december.
Every day of the February month you have to nut an amount of times corresponding to a number in the Fibonacci Sequence. So, you nut 1 time on February 1st, 1 time on February 2nd, 2 times on February 3rd and so on...
On February 28th you will have to rack up an insane amount of 317811 nuts!
Completed #destroydickdecember already? Try doing the fibonacci february now.
by AverageAlien February 6, 2018
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A whole month of nutting to the fibonacci sequence for example Feb 1 - 1 nut Feb 2 - 1 nut Feb 3 - 2 nuts Feb 4 - 3 nuts ultimately leading up to the last day of February where you must bust over 300k nuts in a day
Guy 1: "hey bro you doing no nut November"
Guy 2:"nah I'm training for destroy dick December and fibonacci fap February"
by Iraqistan November 3, 2018
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A challenge that is almost impossible. Each day in February, the participant has to nut in accordance to the Fibonacci numbers. On the last day, the participant must nut at a rate of 3.68 nuts per second.
You trying for destroy dick December man?
Nah. Thats for the weak. Gotta try Fibonacci fap February.
by Nighthawk Entertainment November 5, 2018
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In parody of 'No Nut November' and 'Destroy Dick December', this is an event that starts on the 1st of February, where on the first day, you fap once, on the second day you fap once, on the third you fap twice, on the fourth you fap three times etc. until the 28th where you fap 317811 times.

It's worse on a leap year.
Guy 1: 'Hey man, are you doing Destroy Dick December?'
Guy 2: 'Yeah I gotta train for Fibonacci Fap February - it's gonna be brutal.'
Guy 1: 'Well don't forget Jerk Off January my dude!'
Guy 2: :O
by Lukash Hash December 1, 2018
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Every day of February, nutting the same amount of that date on the Fibonacci Sequence. For example 1 nut on February 1st, 317811 nuts on February 28th
Juan “Are you participating in Fibonacci Fap February? There’s a total of over 300 thousand nuts!”
by Brady31 November 6, 2018
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