This is the day the finest, smart, and just simply amazing people are born. Guys born on this day are the total package like having long peens and knowing how to treat you right girl.
February 28th: Look at him he so fine he MUST be born on the 28th of February 😍
by Veda October 18, 2019
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International horny day. If you feel like fucking your stepsis, today is the day it might work.
Horny dude 1: Yooo bro today’s February 28th - international horny day.
Horny ass lad 2: Ye ye bro who u smashin?
Horny dude 1: Alice. She lookin’ hella fine today, I finna send ‘er to the wonderland!
Horny ass lad 2: Hell ye dude she lookin horny af today. Go get that pussy boiii
by Hornyboi737 March 1, 2021
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When niggas with the biggest dicks are born and are sexy as fuck and fucks hella bitches
damn i’m the sexiest man alive with a beefy dick cause I was born February 28th
by Bigdickbeefy October 16, 2019
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Koe Wetzel has a song called February 28th, 2016 in which he says “who is sober enough to take me to Taco Bell.” February 28th is now the national holiday in which you go to Taco Bell in Koe Wetzel’s name. It is also respectful to Koe to drink in the Taco Bell parking lot.
Ayyye we rolling to Taco Bell February 28th for Koe
by ColeA69 March 1, 2022
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Boy bestfriend: Today is February 28th
Girl bestfriend: So?
Boy bestfriend: That means you have to suck my dick
Girl bestfriend: Oh shit
by mo momba October 29, 2019
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