In parody of "No-Nut November" and its rise in popularity in 2017, "Destroy Dick December" is an event starting on the first of December, in which you masturbate until completion in a quantity in relation to the date. This means you must nut 1 time on the first, twice on Dec. 2, 3 times on the third, and so on until 31 times on the 31st.
"Yoo man are you trying no nut november?" HEEELLL no its all about training for Destroy Dick December!!!!!!!!!!"
by FAM MAN November 22, 2017
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On the first day of December you nut once, on the second you nut twice, in the third you you nut three times... On the thirty first you nut thirty one times
Its the 13th of December and it's still destroy dick December and I've nutted 10 times I only have three more times to go
by Dicky Dan November 15, 2017
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Destroy Dick December is a reward for those men (definitely men at this point) who make it through the No Nut November challenge. Destroy Dick December is where you must bust a nut according to what day of December it is (e.g. if it's 6th of December, you must nut 6 times in that one day, if it's the 14th, you must nut 14 times, so on). It is the most gruelling task any man could carry out, and if you succeed in making it all the way through Destroy Dick December, you are officially crowned "King of the Nuts".
Friend 1 - "Bruh, *insert name* didn't make it past day 3 of Destroy Dick December, it's kinda disappointing."
Friend 2 - "Don't worry, my brother didn't even get past day 16 on No Nut November..."
Friend 1 - "My Uncle has been bragging about how when he was 16, he was crowned "King of the Nuts."
Friend 2 - "You have big, big shoes to fill, my dude."
by ESB275 December 13, 2018
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The highly coveted holiday that comes after No Nut November. Throughout the month of December, men will beat their meat everyday until the end of the month(Assuming they didn't beat it all of No nut November). A common tradition in Destroy Dick December is to beat your meat however many days of Christmas it is.
Man, No Nut November was pretty frustrating. Good thing Destroy Dick December is right around the corner.
by Substance Abuse Services December 6, 2017
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Destroy Dick December is a very prestigious event that all men and women can participate in. It works as if on the first day of December you bust the same number as the day. The first, you bust once, the second you pound twice and so on.
Are you ready for Destroy Dick December?”
“Yeah, I’ve been holding in the biggest nut.”

“Well only nut a little you gotta make it through the whole month.”

“Trust me, I will make it.”
by grab that dick December 4, 2018
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Destroy dick December Is the time of year when you must nut once December 1st nut twice December 2nd all the way up to December 31st when you nut 31 Times in one day.
by DjDorian1 November 20, 2017
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If you beat No Nut November then you get to go through to Destroy Dick December (if you lose No Nut November you can still do Destroy Dick December but you won't be a true winner). The rules are simple. You nut once on the 1st, twice on the 2nd, thrice on the 3rd and so on. You get a break on December 25 (Christmas) but on the 26th you have to keep going. This is even harder than No Nut November so be warned.
Tyrone: Yo Will, you going for Destroy Dick December?
Will: Yeah and in the end my arm will be ripped.
by Pen isenlargement November 5, 2018
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