A sequence of numbers described by a guy named Leonardo from thirteenth century Pisa, Italy. The sequence starts with a zero or 1 and shows up unexpectedly in patterns all the time in math, computing, and nature. Pascal's triangle several centuries later when added diagonally added up to - guess what - this. The Fibonacci sequence can be found in the perfect spiral of flowers, shells, and waves in nature, hurricanes, the proportions of the human face and body, galaxies in space, comprises the golden ratio in architecture, and has applications in everything from audio/sound, chemistry, to population genetics, and predicting stock growth.

When describing a person, a Fibonacci is someone who is brilliant, interesting, and 'magical'. They are able to connect things. They are both left and right brain, and probably use a much higher percentage of their brain than most humans, if they are in fact, human. They are also the kindest, nicest most incredible human beings on the planet, if they are even from here. Fibonacci is the guy or girl who will always beat you in 6 degrees to Kevin Bacon, in like 2 moves. They can see the connection in everything. Usually found with at least one of more other Fibonaccis, so if you find a cluster, you will basically fucking die.
girl1: Barkeley is a total hippie love fest omg he's so nice and smart and I love him so much and I want to die.

girl2: yeah he's a Fibonacci

girl3: namaste
by firefly's light August 10, 2017
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a type of pasta that math majors like to eat
I would like 0 flies in my soup, 1 salad, 1 pizza, 2 sodas, 3 bags of chips, 5 breadsticks, and 8 bowls of Fibonacci
by _Emera_ February 19, 2014
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