Yould describes a frame of mind that is exhibited when young people (0 - 30 years of age) act like old people (55 - 150 years of age). The actions of these young people are not commensurate with their age but more in line with their grandparent's generation. Careful, sometimes youlders can be in disguise -- you'll invite them on fun trips but as soon as you've reached your destination, the alter yould ego will destroy your plans.

Don't be yould.
Young person: Lets go wakeboarding!

Young person as a yould: I'd rather knit.
by wheatcheeks February 27, 2013
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yould: Uhh
Im like yould!
by dhiejsoii1 November 20, 2019
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Yould, is a description of people who are in the age bracket from 55 to 65 years of age. These people are neither young nor old, they are yould. Young and old at the same time. People will no longer label themselves as a numbered age during the age from 55 to 65 as we do now. When someone said they were yould it would be automatically known the person was between the ages of 55 to 65. This is why a new word like “yould” would help so many people overcome the discrimination of ageism. Why is it when were born, after the first day we have “old” attached to us? Hi, I am 1 day OLD?? We already start out as “something old”.
Hi Mom, I can't believe how you fool everybody with your looks. That guy couldn't believe you were yould.

Wow, that is so yould.

Hey Alex, what is your dad's age? He's yould. (55 to 64).
by Penamator September 14, 2010
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Yould is just a different way of saying You Should
You:Hey bro, i like this one girl...

Your friend: Yould shoot your shot
by ❄️👑Alex👑❄️ April 14, 2020
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