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1. used to describe someone that is that harps on the procedure or paperwork surrounding a task, not the task itself.
- "Dawn is such a procedurelistic bitch, she is the queen of requisition forms."
by Looger May 17, 2005
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a woman that acts like a whore but does not put out. she dresses slutty and has emotionally shattered men sleep in her bed without anything happening.
Shannon is such a pseudowhore. She has a different chode in her bed every night!
by Looger June 28, 2005
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Noun, plural.

The possession of which indicates a womanly attitude in a man about stupid useless shit.
- "What's with Ian lately?"
- "Yeah, he's got bitch issues. He complained for five minutes about the paperwork for a valve spring."
by Looger May 17, 2005
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a portion of vomit with the structural integrity of semicylindrical feces.

often mistaken, due to pronunciation, to be a noun describing the corporal punishment 'flogging' performed at or in front of a licensed establishment.

Syllabled "bar-flog"
Dan: "After eating those bad scallops you bought, I was sick and it came out in a log."

Craig: "A log... of barf?"

Dan: "A barflog."
by Looger October 16, 2005
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The act of being kicked out of an establishment right away, usually for lines you crossed the previous visit but cannot recall.
Murdoch was an immediate ejection from the Prince George Hotel.

They just recognized him right away and tossed his ass - he didn't even know what for!
by Looger October 17, 2007
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pronunciation varies with dialect, enough by region to be mistaken for other sandwich legends.

Named after the pathetic Bow River that flows through Calgary, and the very unfortunate name slur used by stranded and bitter BC people, to describe the First Nations people who live on the paths near that river.

Features pineapples. Very famous in some circles.

Reportedly tastey and unhealthy.
Some Dude: "Have you ever heard of the Mighty Bow River Hawaiian Sandwich?"

Some other Dude: "No."

Original Dude: "You USELESS. Fucking shitbag."
by Looger November 22, 2009
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An indefinable quality. Name relates to Simpsons reference, "craptacular," except using "snot" and "fantastic" as the base words.

Can mean many things - in fact it's a mystery even to the very teams of people currently defining the word.

Someone will figure it out, in a subsequent definition perhaps.
"This Karen chick is totally snotastic, you know?"

"Yeah totally. She's perfectly cromulent."
by Looger May 2, 2010
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