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1. to convert innocuous food substances or other ingested solids into effectively repulsive waste matter.

2. make a turd
The weapons employed in a standard food fight become much more effective after you fecate them.

In order to defecate, one must first fecate.
by Dr. Assman July 18, 2011
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To fill with shit. If defecate (de-fecate) means to void of feces, then fecate must mean to fill with feces (shit).
The politician opened his mouth and fecated his supporters.
(The politician opened his mouth and filled his supporters with bull shit)

I don't have the data to properly prepare that report , but I can fecate it.
(I don't have the data to properly prepare that report, but I can give you a bunch of shit that sounds good)
by Trumplodyte December 5, 2018
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The benevolent act of traveling to a far away and isolated restroom to defecate, so as to not subject others to one's own horrendous fecal odor.
I didn't want to cause any suffering among my coworkers, so I went on fecation this morning. You see, I ate Indian food last night.
by SciNerd March 12, 2010
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The state of being trashed (trash) or stunk up (stunk).
Welcome to fecation nation biotch.
by Elroy Fitz February 1, 2004
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