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A food fight, a common staple in numerous low-budget American children films, involves the flinging of various consumable goods, including both food and beverage, across a room. A food fight typically commences with the exchange of various innocuous food items, whereupon a relatively rotund blond-haired child with a buzz cut shall stand upon a table and declare, "FOOD FIGHT!". In the same sense that the unexamined life is not worth living, an undeclared food fight is not worth fighting: an undeclared food fight, or a food fight that is improperly declared, shall typically be viewed as invalid.

Various reputable American children's networks feature food fights exceedingly frequently; it is a relatively uncommon occurrence to view either one such film or five consecutive episodes of such programming without witnessing a food fight of some sort. Unfortunately, numerous recent programs have compromised the genre, featuring declarations by relatively thin persons or even including undeclared food fights, an anathema to those schooled in the true art.
Joey, feeling rather distraught and dejected, flung his breakfast burrito haphazardly across the room. He realized his mistake when he witnessed said burrito strike another student across the face, whereupon BJ, the school fat kid, stood upon the table and bellowed out in a rich, mellifluous voice, like so many Sirens wooing Odysseus, "FOOD FIGHT!".
by Jimmy Flinders April 29, 2007
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A 2012 CGI-animated movie made by Threshold Animation Studios, infamously known for being one of the worst, if not THE worst, animated film of all time.
The film is about a supermarket that turns into a city when it shuts down at night. Dex Dogtective (voiced by Charlie Sheen), a detective who protects the city from danger, is about to propose to his girlfriend, Sunshine Goodness (voiced by Hilary Duff), but she goes missing before he can do so. 6 months later, a new brand comes into the store, Brand X, and Lady X (voiced by Eva Longoria) tries to take over the supermarket. Now, Dex and his friend Daredevil Dan (voiced by Wayne Brady) have to stop her and find out what happened to Sunshine Goodness.
The film was supposed to be released Christmas 2003, but in late 2002, a majority of the film's footage was stolen, forcing the production team to start from scratch.
And so, 10 years later, their film was auctioned for 2.5 million, and an insurance company had to finish the movie as inexpensively and as quickly as possible.
The end result? A very horrible animated movie.

The Nostalgia Critic and JonTron made reviews on YouTube. The whole movie's up there too if you want to see it, it's hilariously bad.
"Is that a poop rat? Is that a fucking poop rat?"
--JonTron's review of Foodfight
by Put the Phones Away June 08, 2018
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1. a fight between school children where the participants throw the food on thier trays at each other

2. any messy and childish fight
That's the third food fight i've been in the middle of in a week
by Light Joker June 15, 2007
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A common phrase that teenagers in Northern Florida use that is referring to "Getting High". This term was made up by SSF&SNK.
by SSF & SNK. April 08, 2009
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