The act of excreting fecal matter out of ones anus. i.e. to shit
Man, I got to get to the bathroom before I fecalate in my pants.
by fracex January 22, 2007
Any subject that has been covered in feces, or rendered to the quality of feces.
Often used metaphorically
"Yo man, those birds fecalized that statue."

"Yo guys, fuckin' drew admitted he likes to be fecalized! What a freak!"

by greth April 2, 2008
the state obtained during or following an extremely satisfying bowel movement.

the orgasmic feeling of releasing pent up feces. due to either the need to clench for extended time or constipation.
you just drove across the state and spent twenty minutes in the can, why are you smiling?

after 5 hours on the interstate and a thermos of coffee, i'm in fecalation!
by crbdth March 31, 2009
Facisnation with excrement, not always human.
by M.R. March 22, 2003
Complete bullshit, cobbled together from fragments of legitimate truth.

A statement, given as fact, which will lead ONLY to Glen Beck or the Tea Party if researched.
A: That salesman sure seemed to know about computers.
B: No way, pure fecalization.

A: Have you heard what Glen Beck said about civil rights?

B: Yeah bro. Total fecalization.
by elmoloveftl November 24, 2011
The act of releasing your bowels on your partner during sexual intercourse
It was a orgasmic feeling as he fecalated all over his partner mid climax. The mess afterwards wasn't as enjoyable though.
by nsfwmutt September 16, 2019