One who defecates in a public restroom in an area other than the commode and proceeds to vandalize the said restroom by smearing his feces in a way that would resemble the icing of a chocolate cake.
Principal Devaney: It seems that some of the guys are unfamiliar with the proper use of toilet paper in the men's restroom. If this "Fecal Bandit" strikes again consequences will follow.
by DM and ZB January 29, 2004
When one defacates and urinates into a tube sock, and swings it around to give someone a very unpleasant surprise.
Mainly performed throughout penitentaries.
Inmate 67594 fecal bombed 3 guards during the riot.
by Ekoms May 28, 2008
Sitting on the throne, but tightly coiled while in the grip of sweaty, white-knuckled intestinal distress.
Judd: How was your weekend?

Dirk: Oh dude, you don't wanna know. I went to a stag Friday night and I think the sausage in the sausage and peppers wasn't cooked all the way through. Spent most of the rest of the weekend in the fecal position.

Judd: You're right, I didn't want to know.
by Placenta Bob February 19, 2010
An explosive bowel movement which usually will turn the cornhole inside-out. Typically, lifting the feet from the floor plastering the inside of the bowl with feces.
I was good dahn Mexico until I drank that water. I was sitting on the pot with a fecal tsunami the rest of the day. Shit was flying everywhere.
by Mizzlebwey January 29, 2014
The vortex of wind and human feces that forms when using an inverted-U shaped hand dryer.
It was clear upon seeing the microbial biofilm encasing the inside of the hand dryer in the airport bathroom that my hands would have to suffer the fury of a fecal tornado in order to be dried.
by DrGerm November 29, 2018
1. The medical term for "shit head"

2. When one's head is so full of shit they become disoriented
"My patient has a serious case of fecal encephalopathy"

"I concur"
by Dr Urich February 27, 2012