The act of voiding feces from the bowels, returing as much of the expunged feces as possible back to the bowels, and then defecating the freshly installed feces back out of the bowels. Note that the second release of feces is much more septic than the first.
I had nowhere to hide my dog's shit, so I made it fecal bifeciate the load.
by EGM September 5, 2003
A synonym for a butt nugget; A turd; piece of poo; what you drop in the toilet after eating a half pound beef and potato burrito;
"Damn son, I just dropped mad fecal biscuits in the bowl right quick."
"Yoooo it smells someone deposited some fecal biscuits in this bitch, cop some febreeze!"
"She was so drunk last night she got fecal biscuits all over the floor."
by chris stevenson March 14, 2008
Characteristic of a person who fucks up everything they get involved with. Often witnessed in the workplace with respect to projects that do not go well.
Boss to employee: I think Johnny has some capacity to assist with the Johnson Project.

Employee: No fucking way- that dude has the fecal touch. Everything he gets involved with turns into a piece of shit- he's a complete brokedick.
by Steelman7 July 10, 2010
The type of shit you have that is anything but solid. It pours out of your butt like Bisquick pancake batter except no ones making breakfast. Consistency and smell may vary depending on food and beverage consumed prior to dropping a batter of fecal bisquick.
Fecal bisquick: When you have to drop a slop, aka a sloppy poop, dump, shit.
Typically occurs after a night of drinking alcohol or immediately after eating Taco Bell.
Also known as spackling the toilet bowl.
by loschris44 January 4, 2014
Someone who defies normality when using the bathroom (usually at a college dorm or a frat) by pooping in the wrong places, usually near the toilet.

Preferred places for a Fecal crusader:

Floor on Side of Toilet
Toilet Paper Dispenser
Shower Area
Floor Behind Toilet

Also, someone that we want to beat up SO MUCH, but always disappears before we discover his fecal carnage.
Java: Hey man, why's the door locked?

Printz: The Fecal Crusader struck again!

Dondo: Yeah, he was s----ing off the side of the f---in' toilet.

Java: Did you see anyone run?

Braaten: Nope!

Java: Wow, he goes in and out so fast he probably doesn't even wipe! If you caught the Fecal Crusader, what would you do with him?

Printz: I'd invite him to sleep with me just so I'd kill him.
by Java June 23, 2004
An incident where a bowel movement, or any derivative of it such as used toilet paper, are intentionally placed anywhere but in a toilet bowl or otherwise proper disposal receptacle. This is similar to a shitting incident but shitting incidents are accidental in nature. Fecal jihaddists are also sometimes referred to turd terrorists. The most common word uttered by victims of fecal jihad is "FUCK!!"

There are several kinds of Fecal jihaddists.

1: The Roadside Bomber a.k.a. Land Miner
This skillful but sick asshole shits on the ground or floor, it can be anywhere, indoors or outdoors, even in the middle of a five-star restaurant He's like a dog. He wants you to step in it. These guys are usually passive-aggressive cowards; some though just have a sick but excellent sense of humor.

2: The Phantom Menace (or Phantom Shitter)
This guy is similar The Roadside Bomber but he's not quite as dangerous. This individual tends to shit in places where they linger, like a hallway closet or under a bed. People who upper deck are Phantom Menaces.

3: The Suicide Bomber
This is the most unholy of the bunch. This individual will defecate in his or her own pants and keep it there for everyone to bask in. Suicide Bombers often dunch themselves in public and go to places like the food court in the local mall for about two hours while smelling like a shit.
Partygoer: Dude, this party is great and all but I think you're the victim of fecal jihad.

Host: Thanks, but what do you mean by fecal jihad?

Partygoer: Someone made a poopy on your kitchen floor and a few people tracked it though the house.

Host: FUCK!!
by JEUNT January 14, 2010
The degree to which a person's pants filter out his/her flatulence. The higher the fecal filter the less fart you smell.
Customer: Excuse me sir, could you tell me which of these brands of jeans has the highest fecal filter?

Salesperson: Of course. (Brand A) will give you the best protection. Wear (Brand B), however, and you might as well go commando; you can practically SEE the gas wafting out.
by pickleicious13 January 5, 2011