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A full head of hair combed into the middle to fabricate the look of a mohawk.
Ladies want me because I got a fauxhawk.
by Vince Latello September 10, 2003
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A mohawk, but instead of a "real" mohawk where you shave the sides of your head, you just glue up the middle part of your regular hair so that it is in the style of the mohawk.
"There was a punk show tonight, but I didn't want to shave the sides of my head so I just made my hair into a fauxhawk."
by Haushinka November 24, 2003
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A toned-down version of the famous mohawk haircut, in which the sides of the head are shaved and a central strip of hair is made to stand up. The faux hawk resembles the mohawk when styled but can also, if desired, appear to be a conventional male haircut.
Nice faux hawk, man.
by BX9438q May 26, 2003
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a haircut in which the wearer, rather then shave off the sides of his head for a real mo-hawk, merely gels up a portion of hair in the middle. not everyone can wear it and look good. but if you do it tends to look very cool
last night we put some eyeliner on patrick and gave him a faux-hawk. he looked emo, but very adorable.
by McGees Foo August 04, 2006
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I got bored and made a shampoo fauxhawk. Then I peed in my shower.
by Lolacita November 27, 2003
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A variation of the "Mohawk" hair style. Hair is worm longer down the middle of the head and ussually spiked with gel. Contrary to the traditional "Mohawk" style, hair is not shaved completely on the sides of the head.

AKA: Fohawk
Barber: How would you like your hair cut?
Customer: I'd like a mohawk, but I don't think my boss would let me keep my job.
Barber: Have you given any thought to a fauxhawk?
Customer: That's a great idea, lets go for it!
by JitterBob February 07, 2009
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A wanabe mohawk. Fauxhawks have the spiked hair at the centerline of the head, but the hair to the sides are not buzzed off. They are also usually considerably shorter than a mohawk.
Jimmy's mom said he would be grounded for life if he got a mohawk, so he settled for a fauxhawk instead.
by Le Bookworm November 08, 2009
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