to blow it, not fulfill a commitment.
80's surfer slang
Dude, where were you?
I know, I totally gelled . .

see gelled out
by dEadERest|ASWP November 26, 2016
Being on the same wavelength as someone, being mentally in-synch with someone, or working really well together.
My GF and I were just not gelling today. She wasn't getting any of my jokes.
by mangodaiquiri October 2, 2009
Guy 1: Hey dude, what were you just doing in there?

Guy 2: Ah, nothing. Just gelling.

Guy 1: I see. I might go do some gelling later too.
by A mothafuckkin starfish December 20, 2013
If you are *not* wearing Doctor Sholls extra soft insoles then you tell others you are "gellin'"
"Im gellin"
"dude, your so not gellin'
by September 7, 2003

Surfer slang from the 80s.
I am so gelled out after that sauna.
by SuperGdawg January 21, 2014
Product thats like jell-o that will cover your system for a drug test when taken with bottle of water.
hey man I got a drug test comin up.

Hey I got some Sure Gell you will be fine.
by drrebel September 23, 2009