A wanna-be mohawk. Some people, instead of shaving the hair from the sides of their heads and leaving the center hair, tease their hair up in the center and spray it.
That poser: she wears fake piercings and a faux hawk.
by dhart444 November 01, 2010
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simply: A fake mohawk. The hair is combed up to a point. A fauxhawk makes you look gay, BAD metro, and coneheaded. If you had any balls you'd shave the sides.
I have a fauxhawk cause my mom picks out my clothes. I have a fauxhawk cause the men like it. I have a fauxhawk cause Im too lame to shave the sides. My head comes to a point because I have a fauxhawk. I have a fauxhawk cause Im from brasher
by emazing and locky May 22, 2005
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a (unfortunately) prevalent hair-style seen in indie circles. the perpetrator often wears knee-high wrestling shoes, with faded pseudo-trendy jeans (obviously faded - preferably torn in more than one spot.) The delinquent will also travel in groups with other degenerates with geomteric haircuts.

see Eurotrash
Jonas the editor of an obscure indie website was sporting his faux-hawk at the Blonde Redhead concert.
by Alitheluckydegenerate January 16, 2004
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noun. A Mohawk inspired hair style where instead of shaving the hair on the sides of the head, the hair is gelled upwards to imitate a mohawk. A Faux Hawk is typically shorter than the normal Mohawk.

This style of hair is popular in the gino scene, and the douche-bag scene. But it has gained mainstream status, worn on people such as David Beckham.

People with small penises wear this hair style.
Girl 1:dayum, did you see that guy's faux hawk? He's soo sexii

Girl 2: He's alright. I don't like Faux hawks. Everyone knows that guys who wear faux hawks have small penises.
by christinan July 29, 2009
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Fauxhawk a bad haircut only for Beckham-a-likes.
David Beckham Wears a Fauxhawk, its not worth looking that bad.!
by JoshyBoy September 13, 2005
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the faggot mohawk
the mohawk for sissies that are too scared to shave their head
That fag has a faux hawk.Why doesnt he just shave it?
by devo12665 February 16, 2006
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A term used to indentify individuals who pretend they are aboriginal in order to get tax-free cigarettes, gasoline and, better access to government grants for art and cultural projects.
Ojibwee my ass. He's a fauxhawk with a lame script.
by Billy April 24, 2005
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