to go from being a nerd to getting all the hot girls
he chucked a faulkner
by miccre January 13, 2007
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a gay teacher who loves a tug in class while watching his pupils have fun and wait to receive his cock
its good but its not faulkner
by faulkners student July 5, 2016
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The process of going from a calm state of being to an out of control lunatic via a carefully tread 6-step process that moves from calm to agitated into masked anger, then irritability on to retaliatory, followed by irrational and concluding with explosive
Did you see Claire Faulknerize Sam earlier today? They could hear her three floors down. Man Claire moved through the six steps like a border collie in a weave pole contest.
by Furry Trout March 18, 2010
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come from the English word "falter"
1. When a person stops action due to pointless trivial statements, tends to be associated with entertainment or film news. Has the effect to create lapses in time awareness that astonishes people when they realize how long they've been "faulknered." (especially during a game of beer pong)

2. The ability to waste copious time through the use of trivial knowledge and news
verb: "It's 1am already? We've just been faulknered!"

noun: "Damn it, he's a Faulkner."
by starfro67 January 4, 2010
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v. 1, To remove the filter between one’s personal thoughts and speech, resulting in free indirect discourse.
2. to give a watch to another person for any reason.
1. "What the hell am I doing, I was supposed to turn left on Ponce, man I need to lose weight"

"What ARE you talking about?"

"Pardon me, I tend to faulkner when I'm driving."
2. "Son, I want you to have this watch.."

"Not that I remember time but that I forget it now and then...Seriously dad, if you are going to faulkner, at least be original."
by mattpie March 13, 2012
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1.To repair or enhance something previously broken through use of everyday objects.
2. To use ingenuity to fix or remedy a problem using only the tools available at hand.
3. To jury-rig

Your car broke, huh? Give me that stick, some duct tape, and a piece of wire, and I.ll Faulkner ize it.
by (Faulker) July 16, 2008
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Faulknerism, derived from Faulkner, is the idea of altering one’s public image to be mysterious and incomprehensible to those who surround the individual. Typically utilised and executed by members of the human race with high IQ.
“You see him?”
“Yeah, I don’t know much about him, he seems quite mysterious.”
“He’s a true master of Faulknerism”
by Addonis January 22, 2023
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