1. When someone is defeated at any given activity.

2. Also a way of saying you or someone you know was ripped off.
1). (While playing an online fps)
Bob: God damn Bill, you just pwned that asshole.
Bill: I didn't just pwn that bitch, I got sexually violent with that mother fucker's ass.

2.) (while at the movies)
Bill: $7 dollars for a fucking small popcorn! Can you believe that shit?
Bob: Sounds like you just experienced some sexual violence at the concession stand bitch.
by thesupervillain001 December 10, 2009
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When a crash test car is ready to be crash then a girl gets strapped to the hood doing spread eagle. Then on the wall is a massive 50in Dildo.
Ms.Marenger died From “High Impact Sexual Violence
by Erector Spinae June 5, 2018
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