To use brute strength to widen one's anus.
examle 1
Black man: Yo homie did you widen dat bitch
Homie: yea nigga i widen dat ass

example 2
Amber: i widened the whole
by Bsweeney November 8, 2006
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When a woman's so turned on her pussy opens and moistens
Hey John look at Melissa's face, she's deffo widening for Henry
by Slackhaddock May 4, 2017
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Located in the heart of Chester!
It is a place where you dont want to cross the bridge or else you might get shot. It has about 5,000 students yet the parties are always at the same few houses or andorn. You always know someone at a party; almost everyone. The drunk bus is very convenient. It is the only school that can order pizza at 3am in the morning from ACAPULCO! While walking on campus late at night, a car drives by, and the thought of "a drive by" or getting raped by a CHESTERITE runs through your head at least once. Gotta love Chester!!!
by Lex February 16, 2005
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A meme that came into popularity from a theodd1sout video. It's kind of a mockery of tween fanfic writers.
"My eyes widen so I can see his underwear in the dark trunk" - fanfic author
"Lmao!!" - everyone else
by awsumatid December 19, 2016
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Widener is a place where at night you stay on your side of the bridge, and DO NOT CROSS or being robbed or shot is coming your way. Otherwise it’s pretty safe. It’s a place where parties thrive if the sports teams are kicking ass (especially football). Pornstars even come to the parties aka Tiffany Banister. The pride ride on those late Saturday nights come in clutch, and Maggie Mays campus bar thrives on Thursday nights. Our frats got kicked off campus a while back so we reside in the off campus houses in Sun Hill. You never know what’s going to occur whether it be a drunk grandma walking the streets at 1 am or the little chesterites challenging you to a dance battle. Can’t beat the place. 5 stars!
You never know what to expect at Widener University.
by Your boy Chad September 27, 2019
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A derogatory term to refer to cheaply mass produced stock made in China that people do not generally use or need and shipped around the world. The stock arrives on huge super ships and the mouths to several ports have had to be widened to accept the super ships. Items then delivered by ship are then considered to be bay wideners.
G: Look at all the stuff in that shop, who would ever need any of that?
M: Oh that stuff is just bay wideners.
by BruceLlama December 23, 2009
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