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a girl who loves food, reading, pizza and blogging. she loves learning but hates school. she is snarky, sassy and goofy but she knows when to be serious. she cares about her grades and is a friendly person :)
boy: omg fatou is eating so much!
boy2: yo leave her alone she just loves to eat!
by fatou is beast October 23, 2013
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lawfully beautiful girl who abuses boys who get on her nerves hate hugs. Fatou also is a beautiful girl known to ignore quite at first has an amazing personality an artist and is generous, cares about her grades love books and fat boobs, ass and loves food. she puts friends ahead and is an amazing girlfriend

-By: Urban Dictonary
OMG look at Fatou
I know she is pretty with a fat ass
via giphy
by Harvard Urban 12 November 13, 2017
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The biggest insult you could possibly give someone. Exact definition - smelly bum hole
Cady: ur mom gay lol Will: ur mom Fatou lol Cady: *dies*
by Adolfhitler69swag May 10, 2018
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