Teacher: "Ok children today your writing a paragraph on sexual intercourse."

Kid 1: "hmm where can I get a good definition for penis?"

Kid 2: "Go to Urban Dictonary!"

Kid 1: "Good idea!"

*Kid 1 goes to Urban Dictonary to look up penis*

10 year old school computer: Sorry, this website has been blocked.

Kid 1: "Im dropping out."
by bL0BbY BiTcH January 27, 2019
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A place that can horrify little children due to the large sex talks. Basically literally every definition is about sex
5yo: *sees sentence* "We decided to erect (meaning to build up in non-slang you idiot dirty minded pig) a shed in the back yard
5yo: *Doesn't know what erect means"
5yo: *searches the word "dictionary"
Finds Urban Dictionary
*Writes the word erect and sees lots of interesting stuff*
Urban Dictonary
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Urban Dictionary is a complete shit hole of a site that only wankers use.
Go fuck yourself, Urban Dictonary.
by Cockslapper9000 April 28, 2013
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The place where one goes to piss away two hours looking up words like "computer" or "geek' "Assclown" and "emo"
Pixie spent an entire sunday afternoon looking up silly words :)
by Pixie05 June 26, 2005
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