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Cadys are generally nice people. They have a wild side to them and a lot of people might find them interesting. But Cadys also have a inner shyness. This usually leads to confusing between their wild social outer self and their inner reserved shyness. To the outer world they seem like they can rule the world but once you get close one sees that they are full of cracks.
You never really know a Cady.
by CSDESS February 17, 2012
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to be the perfect become the all around picture of perfection..oh yea...talent doesnt hurt either.
she tried and tried, but could never quite cady.
by Cady July 03, 2004
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Cady is the most prettiest amazing girl you will ever meet she is wonderful loves horses and she is a really good rider she is a great best friend she loves her family she is intelligent and very sassy.
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by Horse_lover_xoxo_ June 16, 2018
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