A beautiful and bubbly girl with an amazing humor. A Kristine’s smile and laugh is incredibly contagious and can make you happy when you see and hear it. Her hair is always flawless and so is her makeup. Her hair is brown and beautiful.

A Kristine’s behavior is always on top as well as her grades. Her English skills are really good. A woman named Kristine is unbelievably lovable and if you’re feeling down, she’ll be right there to help you because a Kristine wants you to be ok. She’s really sensitive so you have to be careful with her.

At the same time, a Kristine is NOT someone you want to mess with. She can be a bomb ass chick and hit you with the best and sassiest comebacks. Beware of fights with a Kristine.

If you have a Kristine in your life, keep her. A Kristine is the best you can have in your life.
Person 1: Have you seen Kristine?
Person 2: Oh you mean that beautiful brown haired girl?

I love you Kristine
by SwagyGenius1711 October 10, 2018
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Kristine is quite crazy around friends she is pretty nice until you get on her bad side.But very subtle during while working on something very important.She is very honest about her opinion she always rejects a guys because it depends on their personality and she is a bit clumsy but she is very cute and she is really smart she also enjoys any shade of blue and loves to be accompanied by any animal and her favorite is most likely to be a dog.
Person 1:Have you met this girl she’s such an amaizing person!
Person 2:Is her name Kristine?
Person 1:yes.. :v
by Omq_ish_Ya_GurlKrissy May 25, 2018
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Smart girl, loves drama stories, loves any shade of blue, loves animals,and is a person magnet but is not necessarily super nice, but she doesn't have to be. Kinda short but she makes it up with her amazing personality. Absolutely evil when pmsing and complains a lot in general. Don't get on her bad side or she'll make you regret it. Quiet around strangers but loud around friends. The best friend you could ever have. If you don't have a kristine, what are you doing with your life?
Person 1;Who's that girl over in the corner looking like she'll kill someone?
Person 2; Oh, that's Kristine. Don't look her in the eye, she'll bite.
Person 1; Unlikely.
*Person 1 approaches Kristine*
*Kristine attacks*
Person 2: I told you.
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A very beautiful girl that may not be the tallest woman on the planet. Very shy, but super crazy. One knows how to be kind and caring. Loves to be a part and make good of ones life. She falls, but always gets back up. Loves to have fun. and goes great with her guy. (names that start with c-t).specifically loves d's for some reason. Down to earth. beautiful yet has the brains too.
"Hey did you check out the new girl? she seems so cute and friendly."

"she perfectly kristine. :)"
by prettygirly. August 28, 2008
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A girl that has everything a guy could want. She's beautiful, smart, funny, and not to mention an incredible friend. If you don't have a Kristine in your life you're missing out on something amazing.
"Wow, this new girl's awesome! She's already my best friend and I've only known her for two days :)"

"Is her name Kristine by any chance?"

"Yeah :)"
by Extensityyy July 1, 2009
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An alpha-female with a kind heart. The apple of her friends eyes mainly because they don't know any better. She loves her friends & family both new & old & would gladly go to war for/with them. She is not the kindest person & does not have to be. Her opinions are facts & even when she is completely wrong she is still oh so right. Always available to lend an open hand when her time permits. She is unyielding when it pertains to her money & her time. Make her laugh & she'll love you forever...if she feels like it.
"I'm so sick of people feeding me such bullshit"

"You obviously have never spoken to Kristine."

"No. I should contact her."

"Noooo. Let her come to you"
by She knows her best October 15, 2013
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Kristine is a synonym to nice, kind and humble
Often used to describe someone who is respected.
You remind me of Kristine.
by N17ram September 23, 2020
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