A phrase used by a social media sub-group called "stans". It is commonly used to refer to celebrities such as Mariah Carey who are glamorous and talented, no matter their weight. It is also used ironically to refer to cute animals, people, objects etc. Twitter trolls use it often in their memes.
Omg queen Mariah slayed that performance. # skinny legend Your fave could never.
by Ab0t May 27, 2017
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a phrase originating from stan twitter. it is a positive term that glorifies and praises the person it is meant to describe. it has no correlation to one's actual weight or body shape. mariah carey stans were the first to use it, but it eventually spread throughout gay twitter, kpop twitter, and more.
mariah carey aka the original skinny legend. she outsold.
stan skinny legends brockhampton!
by stanloonanct March 9, 2018
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The phrase 'skinny legend' is used by "stans" of celebrities which are fans that take the extreme route and have social media accounts of their favorite starlet. The most recent 'skinny legend' and meme of the month Raini Rodriguez is classed as a skinny legend.

A skinny legend DOES NOT make fun of your weight or anything to do with you or your body. It means something that is "iconic" and "cant be stopped" which is why Beyonce, Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande are referred to as this and now Raini Rodriquez.
Person 1: I love that fiesta salsa song it is so funny!
Person 2: Don't be rude to the skinny legend, Raini Rodriguez.
Person 1: I don't know who she is?
Person 2: She won 90 grammy's in one night.
Person 1: Wha?
Person 2: She is a skinny legend who won 90 grammy awards okay?
by sksksksksksksksksks April 7, 2018
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commonly used to speak about celebrities or iconic friends.
usually a compliment.
wow! mariah carey is such a skinny legend!
by antisocialsailor October 12, 2018
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a skinny legend is a real one. the term does not necessarily refer to a persons actual physical density, but to their personality. a skinny legend has a thicc personality.
taro was a skinny legend when she let me copy off her on parcc (just kidding, teachers don’t come at me)
by thicc boi May 11, 2019
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A person or animal that consider themselves or others as one of legendary skinniness, usually used in jokes
"I am so skinny" "ew you look like an elephant"
"I know right your like SUCH a skinny legend" or "lol your so funny, I'm literally a skinny legend"
by Dangitgrandpa February 27, 2022
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{skinny legend} skinny legend is when you ya yeet to hard you lose all your weight
by Yeeeta June 12, 2019
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