an extremely overplayed song by James Blunt, which isnt even that good anyway.
#1: Have you heard "You're Beautiful"?
#2: Who hasnt?
#1: God, it sucks!
by humans are scary June 20, 2006
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the best korean drama in the world.
starring hwang tae kyung, this gay-looking (but still hawt) guy with eyeliner; kang shin woo, a gentle beautiful boy who never loses his calm and is always standing there quietly as he gets rejected over and over; and jeremy, a spunky boy who is the only asian who looks good with blond hair.

and of course go mi nam, this ugly girl who's pretending to be a boy whom everyone falls in love with, although she doesn't deserve tae kyung, shin woo, or jeremy.

soo many people are obsessed. on ebay, they sell items from the drama for A LOT of money, and there are over 200 youtube videos of all the songs they sing in there (which, by the way, are VERY catchy)

tense relationships, frustrating misconceptions, and unquenchable romance, this drama is perfect for everyone.

it's the drama that's rocking the world.
have you watched you're beautiful?
yeah! it's so addicting! i watch about 2 hours a day.
there are none like it; after i've watched this, no other drama seems as good.
mhmm i'm watching it for the 3rd time now.
by iisakewln3rd April 16, 2010
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a song by English singer-songwriter James Blunt. It was written by Blunt, Sacha Skarbek and Amanda Ghost for Blunt's debut album, Back to Bedlam (2004). It was released as the third single of the album in 2005.
Yes, she caught my eye
As we walked on by
She could see from my face that I was
Fucking high
And I don't think that I'll see her again
But we shared a moment that will last 'til the end
You're Beautiful
You're Beautiful
You're Beautiful, it's true
by SPrice1980 April 28, 2023
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