Wow, not only is that artist really good, he farts a lot. He is the best fartist I know!
by leolion87 June 08, 2011
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Noun: One who elevates the act of passing gas
(flatulence) to an art form. Coined by "Loveline" host Adam Carolla
"When I pass gas at the writing table at 'Jimmy Kimmell Live', I'm expressing myself--I'm a fartist."
by sholay December 29, 2003
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A fake artist. The new generation of rich, nothing to do kids. Their art is all about shock value, aesthetic, and how it might sound when explaining it to a group of mutual friends in a dive bar. Fartist's are internally tormented for not being born Jack Kerouac or Charles Bukowski, so they invent pseudo life struggles to get close to the likes of great men and woman like that.

The more pretentious, the more their fart (fake art) smells.
Fartist 1: Hey man, I just wrote a song: "I can't stand living one more night, on my friends mattress, another parental fight..."
Fartist 2: Shit, that was tight. Would you mind tearing a hole in my shirt so it looks like I sleep in the woods against my will.
Fartist 1: Hell ya brother.
by JimmyCreature May 18, 2014
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a person who produces audible posterier flatulence as a profession or hobby.
synonyms: designer of audible toots, creator of passive poots, originator of silent fluffies, producer of gaseous stench; old master of cut and run and mistaken identity.
He was an escape fartist.
by roguemaiden December 13, 2016
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Pretentious, elitist, normally annoying "artists" who seek to breakdown every thing down into artistic merits and judge them upon those and only those. Fartists have a tendency to judge things that are not intended to be judged in an artistic manor, for example: Advertisements, Action movies and Porno Films
"That guy said that action movie sucked because there was no storyline. But He's just a Fartist"
by TheAdamWe July 02, 2009
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Any artist (musician, writer, etc.) whose works only repulse the general public in a way similar to how farts are considered unpleasant.

She is at that huge pop-country music festival. I stayed home because I could not justify patronizing those fartists
by w0rdchef January 30, 2011
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