a computer solely used for watching pron and gettin your jank on. "fap" meaning the sound you make when cranking.
all men have a faptop
by jeaballer April 03, 2011
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A small (or large) laptop kept stored safely in one's room or private quarters that is dedicated to watching and masturbating to extremely dirty explicit pornographic footage of imagery on the internet or photos of women in your schoolgrade's facebook.

Usually weatherproof and easy to clean. Can be washed with water. Endorsed by Ron Jeremy.
"Hey Brendan, where's Zac??"
"I don't know, Joe. I think he's actually upstairs with the faptop right now."
by josephmcswagga November 05, 2014
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Using your laptop to shield an erection when another person walks in on a fap session.
Bill used his faptop so his mom wouldn't realizing he was playing with himself in bed.
by Joe Zakelj January 10, 2011
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A laptop that is used for mainly and quite possibly only for porn. Some people are lonely and the "Faptop" is their only lover (Plus their hands and sex toys).
After doing the spirit bomb of ejaculation to watching some really good Kim Possible Hentai, I couldn't seem to get my Semen out of my keyboard, I really hope I don't destroy my Faptop, then I would never be able to watch TheWizChannel.
by TheWizIV October 11, 2014
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