One of the most amazing inventions known to man. Possesses a wide variety of uses such as Porn viewage, Gaming, Youtube, Boring Work Shit, Writing,Facebook, etc
Who needs a girlfriend when I got a laptop.
by A Human Male August 07, 2018
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It's like a mini tv just for porn.
I had a hard day so I went on my laptop and looked up some porn to ease my stress
by AMAG June 15, 2014
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1. Small, portable computer that can be easily placed on your lap and give serious pain after many hours.
2. The leg and groin area of a male or female. Usually when the male's laptop is occupied by a female (or in nasty incidences, a male),...things can *come "up".

*Note: other ways of spelling "come" may be substituted.
1. I used my laptop while on the plane.
2. Come on baby, sit on my laptop and we'll see what comes up.
by Sherlock of the Creek July 11, 2003
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