Mobile porn.
Rumored to be used for school or work...
I love my laptop, it's porn-on-the-go.
by I Love Beer and Boobs April 26, 2007
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It's like a mini tv just for porn.
I had a hard day so I went on my laptop and looked up some porn to ease my stress
by AMAG June 15, 2014
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To give one individual or more Lap and top
Me and my people just got done using the laptop with Rachel.
by R.i.p Zilyo May 13, 2020
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A plank either smooth wood or covered with a pillow or blanket. Used in South African mini buss taxi's between rows of seats to add an extra seating when the taxi exceeds maximum capacity.
We have space for 3 more . wheres the laptop. here it is sit here botty(male)/Sissy(Female)
Let the gogo(old lady) sit. here's a Laptop.
The guys getting off now . You Don't have to stand there's a laptop Free
by EBZ13 May 9, 2019
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Well OBVIOUSLY its a computer but it also means a woman who is sexy but small of stature and can be easily picked up, moved around, etc, during Horizontal Jogging. Damn! There's another word I'll have to define.
"Dave's girlfriend couldn't reach a high shelf without a ladder and a couple of phone books but he felt it was handy to have a laptop in the bedroom."
by Bob Sometimes January 9, 2006
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The land were u can explore as much p0rn sites as u can (I dont support p0rn)but be careful a virus might approach you.
Dude I watched so much p0rn on my laptop it’s now crusty!!!
by Poopydickcocktorturebro May 18, 2020
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