To conceal an item by stowing it under one's taint, utilizing the rear of the scrotum as a means of securing the article.
The theif attempted to fanny pack an avocado from the convenience store.

I will fanny pack that reefer into the venue.
by Chet Erickson July 03, 2007
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a fanny pack is a romantic couple where there is a visible discrepancy between the two parties. in a heterosexual couple it is a fanny pack if the female is attractive and the male is obviously a loser and or looks like an idiot. fanny packs are surprisingly common. far less common is the reverse fanny pack where the male has great merit and the female is visibly a mess. the name comes from the fact that offending males often wear a fanny-pack and also the fact that fanny-packs are embarrassing and "attached at the hip". in the case of homosexual couples where there is a discrepancy treat the more masculine party as the male for determining fanny pack or reverse fanny pack. although simply "fanny pack" is fine in most cases.
oh my god, fanny pack. (said as a qualifying couple passes)

you have to break up. you guys are a fanny pack. (in a serious intervention)
by Jones78 May 17, 2006
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1. To penetrate someone from behind doggy style

2. To penetrate someone anally backdoor
I could tell Jon's mom knew no boundaries because getting fanny packed was just the opening volley in a night of depravity.
by vertigo July 14, 2008
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some people use this a spying device. they keep all of their spying materials in it such as creepy crawlers, string, virgin mary, the whole package, and of course they wear it around town while spying on square dancers. If you want to be in the club provide your own fanny pack.
Emily : "Kyle I love your fanny pack"
Kyle: "Thanks, wanna play statues in the front lawn"
Emily: "yea cool, maybe we can find a purpose for mary"
by emily cartier March 06, 2006
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Collective noun for a group of male chicks with orange tans at the gym who only work out their upper bodies, use benches like their own personal property storage areas and are more often than not covered in horrible, unnecessary tattoos.
Go to your usual franchise/chain gym and throw a rock near the benching area between 5:30-7:30pm. The "guy" you hit will more than likely be in or part of a fanny pack.
by Bishonencam January 04, 2011
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A crude sexual act. One must pick up a big girl with excessive rolls, then do her from behind. While in the act, lift up the rolls hard and pull them together, creating a fannypack.
I fannypacked that ho!
by petie pie April 15, 2008
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